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A3J provides policy, guidance and resources necessary to organize train and equip Rescue Forces to deliver Rescue capabilities in support of US Government objectives across the range of military operations, and ensure at-risk personnel, commanders and staffs are prepared to execute. A3J engages to posture the force to rescue anyone, anywhere at any time in any way to return them with honor. Specifically A3J advocates for:


1) PR policies and strategic guidance and assists with determining PR force requirements

2) Programming, standards and policies that foster both interoperability and enhanced PR capabilities

3) Training, standards and requirements to build and maintain an effective PR C2 architecture

4) Robust readiness or Rescue forces and it’s assigned weapons systems of HC-130P/J, HH-60G, and Guardian Angel (CRO/PJ/SERE).




Provide expertise, advocacy, and advice by liaison with US Air Force, as well as other Department of Defense agencies for matters involving organization, training, equipment, standards, and integration of PR C2 into AOCs.


Establish PR C2 and CSEL standards and requirements within the Air Operation Center (AOC) and establish standards for all theater air components in areas of manning, operations, and training for PR C2. Coordinate with AOC Formal Training Unit to establish PR C2 and CSEL IQT requirements for AOCIQT PR course. Coordinate with theater air components to standardize MQT and continuation training (CT).


UTC FAM for PR C2 AOC augmentation UTCs. Facilitate training and certification for forces augmenting theater air component: Personnel Recovery Coordination Cells (PRCCs). Conduct annual UTC reviews.


Coordinate with theater air components (AFPAC, AFEUR, AFCENT, AFSOUTH, AFNORTH, and AFKOR) to integrate PR C2 and CSEL operations into the AOC. Interface with the joint community to include   DoD executive agent for PR (Joint Personnel Recovery Agency [JPRA]), for matters pertaining to PR C2 and CSEL.


Develop, maintain, and coordinate master Training Task Lists (TTLs) for PR C2 and CSEL. (AFI 13- 1AOCV1) Coordinate TTLs and FTU Syllabus of Instruction (SOI) for AOCIQTPR PR Track (AFI 13-1 AOC V1). Monitor status of personnel attending FTU enroute and assist in ensuring that personnel receive training at FTU as outlined in AFI 13-1AOC V1. (AFI 13-1AOC V1). Perform as OPR for Air Force Instruction PRCC operating procedures (AFI 13-208).


Establish and lead PR C2 conferences to review organization, training, and equipping of PR C2 operations. Approximately 2 times per year. Create annual budget estimate for PR C2 requirements.

Coordinate with ACC/A8R to implement Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL) data/messages into J- series messages.

Perform as Web Site manager for ACC/A3JS (PR C2) NIPRNET and SIPRNET web pages. Administrator for PR Command and Control (PR C2) Share Point site.

Provide PR C2 and CSEL assistance for staff assistance visits, standardization/evaluation and IG inspections to AF AOCs.

Serve as the AF trainer for the CSEL web server application (CWSA). Provide training on-site for PRCCs and other entities requiring over-the-horizon (OTH) communications with CSEL hand-held radios (HHR).

Serve as the AF trainer for the CSEL Portable TAC Interrogator Unit (PTIU). Provide training on-site for SERE personnel to enhance Combat Survival Training (CST) for aircrew personnel through hands-on training with CSEL HHRs

Serve as overall system administrator for the CSEL operational architecture. This entails creating JPRCs and local administrator and operator accounts for the AF and backup for the DoD.

Chair and moderate CSEL site representative telecom every week.

Serve as Personnel Recovery Management Software (PRMS) SME and provide recommendations to leadership regarding operational oversight and system maintenance.

Provide support to A3JT as the DoD focal point for 406 MHz beacon testing. A3JS, as the USAF Program POC, is responsible for coordinating all USAF, Civil Air Patrol, other Service, DoD, and State, test, training, and exercise requests, including Rescue Center coordination.

Provide operational guidance for 325+ CSAR Friendly Force Tracking (FFT) and 137 Mayer Mini Transmitter (MTX) devices maintained by 27 different Rescue units.

Provide assistance for operational management and oversight of FFT and MTX devices used by ACC PR forces. Maintain and update accountability database and coordinate with unit, MAJCOM, and other agencies, to include national agencies. Provide Air Force level instruction for PRCCs world-wide with viewing and tracking PR FFT devices.

Perform as OPR to maintain and update AFI 10-3002 "CAF: Friendly Force Tracking (FFT) Device Control and Accountability". Assist in the creation of TTPs and CONOPS for FFT device operations in the field.

Analyze current FFT devices and future development for possible replacement of devices reaching end-of- life. Attend FFT working groups, training and exercises to maintain currency with fielded devices and validate usability of devices with PR units. Gather FFT requirements from the users for device improvement and upgrade.



Possess Bachelor Degree.

Posses a minimum of 3 years’ experience as NAF, MAJCOM or HAF level staff (action officer).

Posses a minimum of 3 years’ experience with the programming and funding process.  (PPBE, POM process, ExPlan, SpendPlan).

Minimum of 5 years PR/Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) operational experience.

Minimum of 2 years experience and be highly proficient with Task Management Tool (TMT)






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