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PR/SERE/Regintegration Training Management System

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A3J provides policy, guidance and resources necessary to organize train and equip Rescue Forces to deliver Rescue capabilities in support of US Government objectives across the range of military operations, and ensure at-risk personnel, commanders and staffs are prepared to execute. A3J engages to posture the force to rescue anyone, anywhere at any time in any way to return them with honor. Specifically A3J advocates for:


1) PR policies and strategic guidance and assists with determining PR force requirements

2) Programming, standards and policies that foster both interoperability and enhanced PR capabilities

3) Training, standards and requirements to build and maintain an effective PR C2 architecture

4) Robust readiness or Rescue forces and it’s assigned weapons systems of HC-130P/J, HH-60G, and Guardian Angel (CRO/PJ/SERE).



Establish standards, policies, and requirements for SERE reintegration operations with rescue forces, potential isolated personnel, and commanders and staff USAF-wide. Design, build, manage, and maintain curriculum, courseware, and training plans to support Guardian Angel (GA) weapon system and PR missions.

Develop PR training policies and guidance to support AF-wide requirements and meet the intent of DoDD 3002.01E. Evaluate existing training venues to determine potential for adding PR training guidance. Coordinate with Air University for PME; AETC for initial training; COCOMs for just-in-time training; and other MAJCOMs as necessary to develop PR training capability and capacity. Integrate PR training into Commander Courses and other training venues as appropriate.

Provide SERE support to ACC and AF SERE functional leadership to meet the requirements of AFI 16-

301. Provide coordination/assistance on policy and guidance, manpower actions, training, operational employment, and utilization.

Manage Joint Services Training Program (JSTP) for Air Force personnel. Coordinate with Joint Staff, Joint PR Agency (JPRA), and Air Staff as Air Force JSTP Manager to meet requirements of CJCSI 3270.01A. Develop annual training requirements, allocate training authorizations, and manage training currency for AF personnel. Develop and maintain AFI and other guidance as required for JSTP. Interact with AETC and AFPC to ensure initial training pipeline supports DoD requirements.

Accomplish Air Force Reintegration Operations as designated by AF/A30. Establish standards, policies, and requirements for AF reintegration operations with rescue forces, potential isolated personnel, and commanders and staff USAF-wide.

Support USAF Guardian Angel (GA) Functional Managers to establish SERE/reintegration Qualification Training Plan (QTP) requirements. Coordinate with theater air components to standardize MQT and continuation training (CT) to maintain Operational Readiness. Identify technology requirements and interface with the GA forces and Functional Managers for development of new technologies to meet those requirements.

Provide assistance for operational management, guidance, and oversight of reintegration kits used by GA personnel and PR forces. Maintain and update accountability database and coordinate with unit, MAJCOM, and other agencies.

Maintain PR-related special access programs (SAPs) for ACC and AF PR. Determine requirements, create access billet plans, develop Program Access Requests (PARs), and facilitate security investigation process for all personnel requiring access. Coordinate visit requests for secure facilities/programs.

Attend joint, interagency, and service-level PR, SERE, and Reintegration conferences, working groups, courses, and exercises. Perform assessments of current programs to ensure validity and identify gaps or duplications of training. Integrate lessons learned into training programs.

Interface with the joint community, especially the DoD executive agent for PR, JPRA, for matters pertaining to PR, SERE, and reintegration training and operations. Provide PR/GA assistance for staff assistance visits, standardization/evaluation and IG inspections regardless of owning MAJCOM.


Possess Bachelor Degree.

Posses a minimum of 3 years’ experience as NAF, MAJCOM or HAF level staff (action officer).

Posses a minimum of 3 years’ experience with the programming and funding process.  (PPBE, POM process, ExPlan, SpendPlan).

Minimum of 5 years PR/Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) operational experience.

Minimum of 2 years experience and be highly proficient with Task Management Tool (TMT)






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